Imagine, Explore, Create

Imagine, Explore, Create

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Let's Meet Our Studio Artist Jason!

We are so excited to introduce Mr. Jason Mathis as our 2016-2017 Douglasdale Studio Artist! A studio artist is different than an artist in residence in that they get to stay with us ALL YEAR LONG and our school quite literally becomes their studio. 

For 15 hours each week, Jason's studio in the Learning Commons is a space where students and teachers can come together for discussion, critical thinking and the generation of new ideas. Children come down on their own time and ask Jason questions about his work and they also come down with their peers for more intentional lessons and discussions. From time to time Jason will work in classrooms, helping students develop their sense of story through art. 

Jason has been living abroad in Scotland for the past 7 years where he worked as Program Leader at the Glasgow School of Art. He has also worked as an Arts Facilitator with adults with disabilities. Jason is interested in exploring the relationship between text and image through comics, digital collage, drawing and painting. Each month, Jason will be creating a comic page for our school newsletter that highlights some of the conversations and work he has engaged in with the students. You can also follow his interactions on Twitter with the hashtag #jamwithjason and be sure to visit his interactive bulletin board outside of the Learning Commons.

We look forward to delving deeply into the arts, transforming our learning space, and fully immersing our school community in this creative experience. A huge thank you to our generous School Council and to Education Matters for funding this exceptional opportunity!

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