Imagine, Explore, Create

Imagine, Explore, Create

Friday, 23 October 2015

Grade 3 & 4 Students Vote!

On Thursday October 15th our grades 3 and 4 students participated in their first ever Student Vote sponsored by CIVIX, which is a "non-partisan registered charity building the skills and habits of citizenship within young Canadians." In the days leading up to Student Vote Day, the students explored concepts such as democracy, rights and responsibilities, levels of government, political parties and the voting process.


Student Vote connects with the grade 3 & 4 Social Studies curriculum in a variety of ways including; quality of life, selection of leaders, public service, group decision making, goods and services, natural resources, and it was a natural connection for our grade 4 students who had just returned from a week at City Hall School. In preparation for the vote, students engaged in complex questions such as:

  • What responsibilities come with our rights?
  • How is voting both a right and a responsibility?
  • How does a person make a decision about who to vote for? 
  • How is my life affected by government?
After making their identification badges and learning how to correctly mark a ballot, our grade four Poll Clerks and Deputy Returning Officers supervised the votes. Students stepped behind real Elections Canada voting booths with ballots containing the names of the candidates in our Douglasdale, Shepard riding and cast their votes into actual Elections Canada voting boxes. At the end of our exciting day the votes were counted and reported to Student Vote in Ottawa.


This year over 850,000 students across Canada cast votes from over 6000 schools. With over half of all schools in the country participating, this was the largest Student Vote event to date! On the evening of the federal election, after the closing of the polls, the Student Vote numbers were released. 

Here are the National Student Vote results:

Liberal Party - 37% of the popular vote with 223 seats
Conservative Party - 26% of the popular vote with 69 seats
NDP - 20% of the popular vote with 40 seats
Green Party - 12% of the popular vote with 4 seats 
Bloc Québécois - 1 seat

Here are the Douglasdale Student Vote results:

Conservative Party - 39.58%
Green Party - 31.25%
Liberal Party - 18.75%
NDP - 10.42%

A complete list of the Student Vote results broken down by country, province, city and school can be found at 

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Week at City Hall

This September each of our grade 4 classes went to City Hall School for a full week of learning. Students met with experts and city official, walked through historic neighborhoods and looked closely at the idea of legacy. Here are some student reflections, photos and creations from their weeks downtown.

Looking (closely) West along the C-Train line

"My favourite part of Historic City hall building is the word “City Hall” above the balcony on the side. I chose this part of the building because it is fading away and they need to repair it. It is also pretty fascinating and it is hard to find."

"We should preserve Historic City Hall because it hides many secrets and will teach future generations what our past was like and will tell us what life was like back in the 1900’s. My favourite part of Historic City hall building is the balcony because back then all the buildings were pretty small and you would have a nice view."

"We should preserve Historic City Hall because it is special, it has the mayor’s office and stuff and it has a lot of hard craftmanship and work into it. My favourite part of Historic City hall building is the clock tower."

"I chose this part of the building because in the olden days most people could not pay for a pocket watch so they could just look at the big clock and tell what time it is and they could hear the big dong on it when the bell rings when it gets to 12 o’clock."
A meeting with the Mayor

"I learned what Mayor Nenshi was before he was Mayor Nenshi. He was a professor."

 A great place to sit and sketch 
Learning about Calgary's new Cycle Track