Imagine, Explore, Create

Imagine, Explore, Create

Thursday, 26 May 2016

We Love Literacy @ Douglasdale School

"You introduced me to the power of words. You first showed me how reading pretty much anything but especially great literature serves as a lens through which we can view our lives and our changing world. What a gift you shared with me....I can't imagine what my life would have held without reading and writing. And I can't think of reading and writing without thinking of you and your influence.  For that, for you, I am and will be eternally grateful."

Excerpt from a letter written by Governor General David Johnston to his Grade 10 Teacher Miss. Wilkinson.
Taken from his 2016 book Letters to a Nation 

This week we put the spotlight on literacy at Douglasdale. The days were FULL of special literacy assemblies, guest speakers, switch it up read-alouds by different teachers, and the ever popular cuddle up with a book in the gym. 

Students and teachers shared their thoughts on why they love literacy. Here are some of their submissions:

 "I love literacy because I love learning new things. It's cool because it helps me calm down. Let's turn on our brains and start with literacy!" 


"I love literacy because you get to use your imagination to find out mysteries and sometimes it will make you cry and when you talk you are using literacy too." 

"I love literacy because it is fun and when I read it sparks my imagination. I love interacting with other people. My favorite part is writing down my feelings on paper."


 "I love literacy because I get to imagine when I write and read. I love to fill my play time with books and pencils. Whatever I am reading I feel like I am there."

"I love literacy because it makes me happy and it makes my brain bigger and bigger!"

A great big thank you to our S4 Constable Mattice and to Mr. Todd Kauffman from 660 News for sharing stories and your love of literacy with us this week.  

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