Imagine, Explore, Create

Imagine, Explore, Create

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Grade One Leighton Centre Trip

On Monday June 8th the Grade Ones went on a wonderful trip to the Leighton Centre.  What a wonderful day to spend outside enjoying nature!  It was 30 degrees! Sketching, exploring animal antlers, going on a nature hike, learning about Mr. and Mrs. Leighton,  and  creating watercolour trees were a few of the wonderful activities that we enjoyed. 

Some of the children reflected, "We painted a tree and we used acrylic paints. We put water and paint on our paper and then we blew with a straw. They turned into awesome trees. We made a little a picture of the "The red spoon Dairy Queen-asaurus" on sandpaper. Then each one of our pictures was ironed onto one pice of fabric. We went to Echo Hill and made an echo."

  • KS says, "I liked holding the reindeer antlers and teeth!"
  • MT says, "We sang "Let it Grow" to our docent Ms. Jacquie. She liked it very much so she asked us to sing it twice! I liked going outside because I got fresh air."
  • KS says, "We went on a nice walk through the forest. It felt nice and cool."
  • EG says, "I liked being in the forest because you could go into a very good hiding spot like in the high grass."
  • MC says, "We got to go and play in a mini forest."
  • EK says, "I like when we got to eat snack outside on the tables. I wish we could go outside for snack at the Leighton Center every day. You should teach your little brother or sister to do art so it is important for you to learn art too."
  • JR says, "It is important to go outside in nature so that you can learn about nature and pass what you know about art around so that it grows and more people can learn about art."
  • AS says, "It is important to play outside so that you can learn about nature."
  • XK says, It is nice to go outside and enjoy nature."

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